Monday, August 31, 2009

Ottoman Workshop

3 days ... design ... felt making ... and assembly required!
What a great 3 days! I know, I know, these workshops are all great, I love teaching and I love helping students focus their creativity. Add to the mix, spray glue, drills and staple guns and what do you get? A piece of furniture you can take home with you! How totally awesome is that?

In these two shots, Estelle and Betti have already laid out their fiber for their ottoman, and are going back in and stabilizing the pattern using a needler, called the Fabulous Felt-O-Matic, (love this machine!) which condenses the fiber stack so that the first wet roll is easy, with very little rearranging.

A day of wetting rolling and voila, felt is made! Hung out to dry for the 3rd day of construction.

The trim is added, in this case, after by hand stitching onto the top, painted feet are screwed on.

Two very satisfied girlfriends, and two very beautiful ottomans! Thank you ladies!

For very detailed directions my class is published as a project in Carol Cypher's book How We Felt

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