Tuesday, January 5, 2010


ATC #11 (Dear Bettis' deck) not quite sure if this worked, but I did add the words over what I wrote, I typed them on white paper and then placed them circling the front it says (which you can see much better than my handwriting: and they took my chest out and threw it over here...from the straw man!  Hence the straw and heart, and on the back it says right to you!
ATC #10 (Denise Fredrick's deck)

These little cards are like little surf boards, but when I decorated on it I realized it sure does look like a barrette!
ATC #8 & #9 (The large one belongs to #8 Jan Warren and the small surf board shaped one belongs to #9 Di Russell-Horn) These decks have been greatly delayed, some coming here and the last one I got, Jan's deck, by me as I have barely had a moment for extra things...so determination sets in, I am heading to the Jersey Shore for a mini vacation and have beach on the mind!!!   Also I goofed on Jan's I used one of the cards that were meant to be used as templates - though I wasn't the only one, whew.  Out they go!!
ATC#7 (Lesley Venable's Deck)  I loved these little cardboard cards, I encased my art in a silky sheer fabric....Sleep, My... is on the front and Pretty is on the back.
ATC#6 (Loretta Marvel's Deck) Wicked... I did Wicked Pretty or Pretty Wicked???  With a felted poppy......
ATC#5 (Marcy Wyatt's deck)
I realize I should name each artist's deck as they come through my studio. so I've gone back in and named the entries.  Marcy supplied her deck as coasters.  My art says..."Golly Gee, Glenda!  Why are you wearing my red shoes??" and Glenda answers.."Dorothy, forget the shoes, this magic flower and cape will protect you from all harm..."

ATC#4  (Marcy Alisa Hurlburt's deck) The next round has arrived and is ready to go out (in tomorrow's mail)...This last deck was fun, the card blanks were weird flash cards, and I chose the one for "Purple Rectangle", I cut the rectangle like a door and put a witch holding a pretty flower on the inside.  You can't see it from this picture but I even gave her green gloves for holding her flowers.  I chose the witch because the first 2 cards were very witchy, I am repeating certain things in each of my cards by using one of my stamps and then Flowers.  This is too much fun!


ATC #3  (Mary Hurlburt's deck)

I am finding that, though, I started this round robin with an intent, the cards that appear in my mailbox are throwing me into a new inspiration.  For instance the last card deck (the blanks were a set of preprinted flash cards, and I took one for APPLE,The Oz theme prevails through out!

(Whoops I missed photographing #2 Naomi Zowader's deck)

ATC #1 (my deck)

 The motif on this card is very Festive Fibers, in fact, the stamp I made and use on many of my outgoing mail.  I painted a watercolor of a pansy detail and a used a postal stamp, the quote around the edge is a  from the Wizard of Oz.  which is the theme for Art is ... Wickedly Good this year. 



2010, how about that!  I brace myself as I step into January.  January is a time when I clean my studio, do my books, and work on future projects.  At the moment all of that is swirling around and it is with great anticipation I will see how productive I can be!

In May, the book 1000 Artisan Textiles by  Sandra Salamony will be released by Quarry Books.  Excitedly, I was juried into this book and will be excited to get my copies, I am told I will have a couple pages of my work featured within the 1000!  

I am participating in a ATC exchange.  That's Artist Trading Cards for those of you who don't know the acronym.  My first and the theme works with the class I teach in October for Art Is...Wickedly Good.  A group of 22 gals who will be attending the sessions in October, will be creating a 24 large deck of cards.  We each make a card, add it to the group and then keep round robining the deck to eachother.  At the end of a certain amount of time, poof we each have 22-24 different cards.   I plan on having a Wicked Deck Label, which I will continuely update as I create new cards, consider it a mini series of mixed media art you can see grow as the weeks pass by!  I am making mine all 4" square, and I can tell you they are not all felt!  So keep checking in on that!