Thursday, September 17, 2009

Freya's Storage Box

I thought I'd post custom work as I design it and make the felt and objects in the studio. To follow this project's progress, check in under the label Custom Work.

A long time Festive Fibers admirer, my client and her new husband are treating themselves to a custom storage box as a wedding gift. I am honored.

I decided to make a cardboard version of their box they can play in the space in their room.  To get a better idea of what a large colorful object might look like in their room I painted something crazy colorful onto the box - I will add legs.  They will tape it back together into an upright position and place it in their room.

Here it is assembled and a shot of me standing next to it (Below) pretty cool!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Bag for Cassie

This past Thursday afternoon I gave a private felt class to 3 beautiful young ladies. My girlfriend's daughter, Cassie, will be turning 20 in the next week and as a present for she asked if I could do a felting project for Cassie and her two girlfriends visiting from the UK. I said sure! We decided to make bags, my goal was to make small bags that go right under the arm over the shoulder. Keeping the project on the small side with the intention of it taking about 4 hours.

5 hours later
and saddlebags in tow, Cassie, Brooklyn and Sarah (l-r) were very excited about their bags! (I think they were excited that they ended up being bigger than we all expected!!! and they could put more stuff in them!)

Happy Birthday Cassie!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Filzfun: Felt Magazine from Germany

For those felty fans out there, this is one cool magazine. I am awestruck by the kind of felt that is being made and the creative felt makers that are out there. These artists really make me want to get out of my proverbial felt box. Oh and check out page 28, I am featured! This was a fun magazine to be featured in. They interviewed me via e-mail with certain questions, my answers are pretty much as I wrote them in response, one paragraph follows below...

EXCERPT: It is said that your sources of inspiration
are nature as well
as Asian sensibilities.
Could you tell us more about this?

I can't really say that one thing is more inspiring than another.
I love the full range of all that is nature, and the incredible
variation in color, pattern texture that nature shows us. I also
love the simplicity of Asian design, the Art Deco era. When I look
for inspiration, I use magazines, art reference books, the internet,
dreams, my garden, oh so many things. I keep a visual journal. As
I am a magazine junkie, I tear my favorite things from the many
stacks of mags I buy, and then paste them into a big journal.
This helps me keep the piles growing in my house and studio and
also is a very cool snapshot of things I love at easy reference.

Anyone who wants to purchase a copy, New England Felting Supply carries these and thay also have most back issues. If you want a subscription, you can contact Verfilzt Und Zugennaht through their website