Monday, June 28, 2010

Puzzle Portraits Details

Some details for the creations we will make for Puzzle Portraits

Friday, June 25, 2010

Somethings New in workshops...

This is why I LOVE living where I do...I am excited to announce a very unique partnership for a very new idea for a workshop.  There are two artists in the next town, Walpole, whose work I love.  Every time I see their creations I keep saying I need to know them.  Well funny how things work, I met one last year while teaching at the Art Is Retreat, Janette Schuster, and the other, Loribeth Robare,  I just love her work.  Click on their links below to get to know them better.

So leave it to me to have a brainstorm...what if the three of us could teach a three day workshop?  Our work is so different yet there is such a connectivity between us all.  What can we offer that would excite?  After much chatting, lots of open minds and some very creative ideas, the outcome is really too much! ...we will post much more in details and prices by the July 4th weekend so without further ado here is our announcement
Coming Soon...Puzzle Portraits Weekend: Three artists + three media + three days = nine interlocking parts that form three complete and unique assemblages with their own hanging display.  A unique, 3-day workshop of Felt, Fabric, and Found Objects in scenic New Hampshire.  September 24, 25, & 26...the onset of leaf peeping season ...join instructors Janette Schuster (found objects), Nicole Chazaud Telaar (felt), and Loribeth Robare (fabric and polymer clay).  Stay tuned to our blogs and websites for more details. Reserve your spot today!  Call or e-mail Nicole at (603) 835-2247 or

I promise to post more photos.  FYI, To create the workshop image we each made one of our own creation.  During August we will be getting together again to make our own full set, I will take a day with Loribeth and another day with Janette and they with me.  This is going to be so cool I can't wait!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finished Ottomans

Where has the time gone?  By now I trust all my "ottoman gals" have received their ottomans shipped to them after the class.  I was such a lucky dog to have these beautiful pieces in my studio for the week before they all got packed up and sent to their final homesIt was a treat to see such creativity and professionally designed and constructed pieces. (I hope I get some shots of them when they are in their new homes to share with you.)