Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trash Menagerie

"SALEM – This summer, the Peabody Essex Museum comes alive with creatures and creativity. Trash Menagerie, the newest exhibition in PEM’s interactive Art & Nature Center, presents over 30 inventive artworks made from what most of us throw away. From baking tins to water bottles, piano keys to plastic bags, the 24 artists featured in Trash Menagerie create playful artworks of animals through the imaginative reuse of rubbish. On view from June 20, 2009 through May 2010, this exhibition encourages visitors to see the creative potential embodied in everyday objects."

Check out the little slide show the museum has set up on their site, click on the three critters above, and guess which one of the 7 images is my favorite, love the colors and the object? Hint: it lives under the water??

Monday, July 27, 2009

Color Theme music videos

A couple of years ago we were in Toronto for a trade show and of course "shopped the market"! During one such outing we came across a very perfect home design store called Jane Hall Designs. She is my sister in color to say the least and shares it in her retail space, web site, newsletters as well and private consulting. Jane's latest newsletter not only speaks of a recent trip to Europe and all she saw and bought (Oh I wish Toronto were closer!) she announced that she has collaborated with a video company to put her favorite themes of colors together in
color music vidoes.
Here are just a few to get you pumped!
Serenity Blossom Pink




Sunday, July 26, 2009

A chair with potential

Last weekend was the town wide yard sale in Charlestown, NH and the first year I have actually been able to make it. I went with a friend and we got out a bit later than I would have liked ...BUT!...I found a fun Festive chair.I see such potential with this cute (OK some say not!) chair, I love the skirt and the mid century Americana style and as it is small, it would make an adorable nursery chair. I will post photos as the creation proceeds. Strip the wood, prime and paint and the some fun felty fabrics for it. I designed a bunny pattern collection a while ago, maybe I'll have to adapt the designs for felt...and yes it has to have a skirt!

Color It Costal by Coastal Living

The other day I picked up a great magazine by Coastal Living, called Color It Coastal. It is actually a reissue of a special edition, and in going through this mag, it reminded me of how I teach my color theory workshops. They brilliantly highlight 8 "Stunning color palettes" working their way around the color wheel, ending with a very inspired color wheel. I encourage anyone who loves color (I do! I do!) and decorating, to grab this on the news stand while it is out there 8/7/09. (The $10.99 is well worth the space on your shelves or where ever you put your magazine eye candy)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Working on my FELTED POUCHES

I have been making more Felted Pouches to show and sell at Art is You in October and I thought I'd post some photos of the process so everyone can see get an idea of what we are making and how the felting process happens. I will post another photo of the bag when it is finished in a couple days (with a B&W Strap and some baubley do-dads for the closure)
I especially love the words that are needle felted in before the pouch is finished being fulled it really has a fun sentiment.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hanging your felt rugs

I was reminded that we started speaking about how one could hang their rug during class, and totally forgot to finish my instruction on it so here it is:

You can buy wide black self adhesive "velcro" (you really only need the male side) at places like Joann Fabrics or Michaels. Get a 1/2" by 2" x Your length here strip of wood. I adhere the peel and stick male "velcro" onto the wood, screw the wood strip into the wall, and then grind/press the fuzzy rug's back into the velcro...presto! Easy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Rug Stomp!

Well, it has been 2 years since I held a Rug Stomp, and I am so proud of the weekend. I had 5 gals in from all over, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire and Vermont. Everyone arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed and our day began with discussion about design, fiber, my Rug Stomp Story, and lots of fun ideas shared among the group.

Beth loved Ikats and wanted to create something inspired by that traditional Asian fabric, Katherine loved anything aquatic, Carol was passionate about poppies, Jennie had two ideas, the less complicated won out as it morphed into something totally different as the day progressed and Deb did a wild pansy.

two big and bold flowers (Gotta love them!)

All very watery....those starfish just add sparkle

Some of the fiber being laid out...
Day One was in the studio, It has rained so much-practically all June-I was not sure we'd make it non rain workshop, but the morning of the Day Two was promising BRIGHT SUNSHINE so we took it outside!

So yes this is the STOMP part...the wet fiber rugs are sandwiched in the rubber mats and we spent all morning flattening and walking on them. I've gotta burn a CD for the soundtrack for the day, because it gets fast and harder as the morning progresses (like some crazy aerobic class!)

After a morning of stomping we break for lunch and then get to the rolling part

Some opted for table tops some rolled on the ground...
These rugs are almost done...just a little more rolling...
Well maybe a little more rolling...as Carol steps into it!!

Once the rugs are rolled to satisfaction (mine not the students...), we go to the sink and rinse, full, and then back to the tables to block and then drip dry.

A wet exhausted and very proud group of felted Rug Makers!