Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Rug Stomp!

Well, it has been 2 years since I held a Rug Stomp, and I am so proud of the weekend. I had 5 gals in from all over, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire and Vermont. Everyone arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed and our day began with discussion about design, fiber, my Rug Stomp Story, and lots of fun ideas shared among the group.

Beth loved Ikats and wanted to create something inspired by that traditional Asian fabric, Katherine loved anything aquatic, Carol was passionate about poppies, Jennie had two ideas, the less complicated won out as it morphed into something totally different as the day progressed and Deb did a wild pansy.

two big and bold flowers (Gotta love them!)

All very watery....those starfish just add sparkle

Some of the fiber being laid out...
Day One was in the studio, It has rained so much-practically all June-I was not sure we'd make it non rain workshop, but the morning of the Day Two was promising BRIGHT SUNSHINE so we took it outside!

So yes this is the STOMP part...the wet fiber rugs are sandwiched in the rubber mats and we spent all morning flattening and walking on them. I've gotta burn a CD for the soundtrack for the day, because it gets fast and harder as the morning progresses (like some crazy aerobic class!)

After a morning of stomping we break for lunch and then get to the rolling part

Some opted for table tops some rolled on the ground...
These rugs are almost done...just a little more rolling...
Well maybe a little more rolling...as Carol steps into it!!

Once the rugs are rolled to satisfaction (mine not the students...), we go to the sink and rinse, full, and then back to the tables to block and then drip dry.

A wet exhausted and very proud group of felted Rug Makers!