Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Yellow Challenge took a Turquoise Detour

Well the past two weeks my yellow challenge was side railed by Turquoise and Red, specifically.  I finished a runner for a client and I am happy to say it turned out beautiful and I am now baack on to my YELLOW challenge!  Check out the Turquoise and Red Rug...
Don't forget, the challenge is for everyone welcome to participate, it could be something you decorated in your home, something you felted, something you made like baked, something you found at a flea market, yell is the key, just upload it to my Festive Fibers Fan Page on Facebook

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This time of year in my yard always makes me love the color yellow.  The forsythia are in full bloom, albeit this year their blooms look more like they are wearing skirts with all the flowers open at the bottom and not much up top.  What's with that?   And I just came in from plucking dandelions out of the grass.  A couple of weeks ago I made a color combination challenge, posted a photo and asked people to send in their color combination they made from the inspiration.  No one played with me!   This week I am going to challenge you and me in another way by using the color YELLOW in a challenge of ANY sort of creation.  I am painting, and felting, cooking and decorating.  I wonder what I will come up with?  And I wonder who will play with me this week?  When you have finished your YELLOW creations upload them onto my facebook fan page...can't wait.  Hmm I am also cleaning around the house and am about to hang my yellow sheets on the line to dry