Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Art Challenge Continued

So we are a few weeks into our challenge.  I have seen a value study from Carole-Ann and the base oil "color placement" from Cindy, and was told by my mom (who is joining in on the challenge) that she has tried twice so far at a collagraph, she feels she hasn't quite gotten it yet.   This last weekend I finally got to planning my block print.

My process and thinking is to stylize the composition of the Homer painting, and then plan how many colored blocks I will print to achieve the layered and depth of color look.  I am thinking 4 or 5 blocks.  This is what I did so far:  I sketched out the "cartoon" of the composition:
  The outline for cutting each block
palest aqua block for under-layers
medium blue block for under layers of darkest
darkest blues 
darkest browns/shadows
palest yellowy/peach color
The Homer
I scanned all my watercolor sketches and put them into photoshop as transparent layers to see if the areas where I plan overlaps will look good So far so good, I await my rubber block to begin carving.