Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Bag for Cassie

This past Thursday afternoon I gave a private felt class to 3 beautiful young ladies. My girlfriend's daughter, Cassie, will be turning 20 in the next week and as a present for she asked if I could do a felting project for Cassie and her two girlfriends visiting from the UK. I said sure! We decided to make bags, my goal was to make small bags that go right under the arm over the shoulder. Keeping the project on the small side with the intention of it taking about 4 hours.

5 hours later
and saddlebags in tow, Cassie, Brooklyn and Sarah (l-r) were very excited about their bags! (I think they were excited that they ended up being bigger than we all expected!!! and they could put more stuff in them!)

Happy Birthday Cassie!

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