Tuesday, January 5, 2010


2010, how about that!  I brace myself as I step into January.  January is a time when I clean my studio, do my books, and work on future projects.  At the moment all of that is swirling around and it is with great anticipation I will see how productive I can be!

In May, the book 1000 Artisan Textiles by  Sandra Salamony will be released by Quarry Books.  Excitedly, I was juried into this book and will be excited to get my copies, I am told I will have a couple pages of my work featured within the 1000!  

I am participating in a ATC exchange.  That's Artist Trading Cards for those of you who don't know the acronym.  My first and the theme works with the class I teach in October for Art Is...Wickedly Good.  A group of 22 gals who will be attending the sessions in October, will be creating a 24 large deck of cards.  We each make a card, add it to the group and then keep round robining the deck to eachother.  At the end of a certain amount of time, poof we each have 22-24 different cards.   I plan on having a Wicked Deck Label, which I will continuely update as I create new cards, consider it a mini series of mixed media art you can see grow as the weeks pass by!  I am making mine all 4" square, and I can tell you they are not all felt!  So keep checking in on that!

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