Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2 Days of Felting with Marina

My 3-d felting class just finished, and was only one student big, BUT what a fun 2 days! Basically Marina had a private class...and fun for me when I do private classes, I can create right along side of my students. Since it was only Marina, I gave her the choice to make what ever she wanted, she chose a pouch and then left the rest up to me. I know she is an amazing colorful knitter and has been known to be scarf crazy - so for someone who NEVER made felt before, we started the two days making scarves. "Beautiful"

The first was flat and colorful the second I encouraged the use of resists. She used wooden biscuits (right)- I used huge nuts (middle). We considered our day a very exciting success.Day two was a bit more complicated for a newbie felter, but she forged ahead and seemed to get the layering thing and the resist pocket and the decorating, but then she said I want to make it even more dimensional, could she make a water lily that is dimensional on the front of her bag? I said why not? "this shot shows her lily with the plastic resists"

"My pouch, the flower is the flap, and it will be decorated with little bees on it, I am thinking a bee clasp too!"

"Marina working on the finishing touches of her piece before it is wetted and rolled"

And such lovely models...too hot for scarves!

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