Saturday, August 15, 2009

Felt Flowers at the Alstead Library

We had 11 students of all ages in today's workshop! The young students had helpers, but most didn't need the help, everyone was great, especially as our little 2 hour class was a speedy mini course! Fast. Fast. Fast. So, everyone worked hard to keep up with my instructions (most never having made felt before, what an introduction!)

Shedd Porter Memorial Library (above) Our Librarian, Barbara is so cool, she runs some very fun programs, like Coffee House (open mic) and Craft Saturday (which falls every 3rd Saturday free to whomever wants to attend.) It is a great way for the local community know more about what happens at the library, and I was glad to finally be a part of her programming.

To make it very simple I made a little kit for each student that contained just enough fiber for the stem, stamen, three layers of petals and a leaf, and the wire for the stem.

Fiber was felted into all the little bits...

By the end of the first hour, everyone crowded their tables in the shady side of the library (Who can blame them, it was HOT and it was only 11 in the morning!)

little piles of felt began stacking up... scissors were then used to cut the petal shapes

The cut petal shapes were then stacked onto the wired felt stem, and the stem were twisted into a knot on top...presto! A little more bit of hand shaping to curl the petals, cute huh?

As the clock ticked to noon, Barbara announced she had to start locking up and how were everyone's flowers coming along? Well, I don't need to say they were fabulous, so everyone crowded together for a group shot!

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