Wednesday, October 16, 2013

To-Do Lists

Wow the last post date was a long time ago!  Well a lot of life has certainly been happening, good things all, but it has made my posting time fall to the way side.  So no more time to spare, in the next couple of weeks I will catch you up with all the things I am finally catching up to!

 Do we all have To-Do Lists?  The Oxford Dictionary says:

Definition of to-do list in English

to-do list

Syllabification: (to-do list)

a list of tasks that need to be completed, typically organized in order of priority

I tend to agree with this definition,  especially the part about organized in order of priority.  It is a beautiful thing when we are flexible enough to reorganize these lists without too much internal angst.  So as I have begun to chip away at my to-do list it really is not in any particular order, but boy oh boy, is the sense of checking something off exhilarating!  Bam! You're done!  In second grade, Mrs Ceretto gave us gold stars for doing the things we were supposed to do.  In my niece's first grade class they get a certain colored card at the end of each day based on a day well done (behaved, homework done etc) or not so well done; green, yellow and red.

So one of the few things on my list has been to make a new hat band for a dear art friend, Steven Summerville of Virginia's Dream Pottery. (if you visit his facebook page you will see why we love each other!)  Well, more than a year ago, Steven asked me if I could make a new band for a favorite hat.  His doggie chowed on the original a fox fur.  The hat being a favorite he wondered if I  might I use fiber from his beloved alpaca Kaboodle, who had passed away the year before.  I said "Steven, I would love to do this for you as long as you are not in a rush, as my life is so full."  No problem Nicole no problem...well sadly I missed last year's cold winter season, and darn-it I refuse to miss this year.  While we had a couple of chilly mornings here in NH, I know it is still on the warm side in Bumpass Virginia!  So Steven, here it comes.  

Here are a few pictures of the band being laid out, I will felt it probably tomorrow, and will then attach it to the cap style hat.  I hope it comes out like it looks in my head... I want to stuff it as I attach it so it has some depth and roundness, as it is replacing a fluffy foxy fur, so I want to keep that silhouette.  Steven, as you can see you have Buddy's approval! (By the way, this is the first time he has been with me when I lay out fiber in the studio, he was very very interested in what that fuzzy stuff was, sticking his head into my bins I had on the floor, where as his usual position he takes in the studio is upside down sleeping on a chair) I will felt this in the next day or so, and then attach the band to the hat, I hope just in time for the real cold that comes this time of year!

I will post a couple of more pictures as the hat finishes. 

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