Monday, October 21, 2013

Doggie Sweaters

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, will know this past Summer we got a dog.  He is a rescue, from South Carolina.  I assume he will be chilly as the New England colder months set in.  This morning it was 32 degrees so we bundled up.  Yes I knit him a Dog Sweater.  And it has a cute hood on it.  Buddy puts up with it, but after a long walk he literally shakes it off.  He is a 20ish pound Terrier mix, and after 4 months of working on routines a bit of training, and then remembering that I need to still train (him and me), he still needs more.  He is soooo happy, he gets so excited when he plays, he sleeps hard, pretty much starts falling asleep around 730 or 8 pm, and if our laps are available he will snooze there.  So we went to Six Loose Ladies, and picked up 4 skeins of Mt Ascutney View Farm yarn.  It is a dense wool, very reasonable, especially for a doggie sweater!  He looks so cute, I am happy to be walking the already cutest dog in town, now even cuter because of his sweater!!

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