Monday, November 28, 2011

Color Made Easy

I think I am reverting to my old magazine-holic ways, yesterday I spontaneously purchased the Meredith publication "Color Made Easy"  Fall/Winter 2011 Issue

 If you haven't gotten this issue, hurry and get it!  For those of you who have taken my Color Theory Class or any of my workshops where I have talked about mixing pattern textures and scale (all of them!), contrasting and pairing colors, this publication is a beautiful version of what I preach!!  This is the perfect time of year to begin our nesting impulses and get your winter reading materials piled to the ready at the chair side.  This inspiration book is on the top of mine.  When the holiday grinds to a halt in January and the New England country side turns grey and neutral, my colorful inspiration time blooms!  I think of rooms I want to change, spruce up, and color color color!!  My favorite paint company of the moment is Yolo ColorHouse and believe it or not you can get Yolo Colorhouse at Home Depot! (find them on Facebook and follow their colorful path)
Here are some of the colors I am thinking for some of my rooms. 
Upstairs Bath: Create 03
Dining Room: Dream 06 
Kitchen and Porch:  Thrive 03

What are some of your favorite colors of the moment?

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