Monday, February 8, 2010

Where did January go? Felt a Flower Valentine

Valentine's is less than a week away and am am doing my Painted Flower workshop Saturday.  The studio and house are getting some sweet decorations.  I picked up a fun paper craft book called Girlagami by Cindy Ng and am having so much fun with this cutie book.  I am still stuck on the Hearts, you' see, I'll post my decorated kitchen in a couple of days. Don't you want those shoes too?  My Valentine's Workshop is so much fun, it is a girly treat - retreat for sure.  This is the third year I am doing it, and it is now tradition, I make a decadent lunch, which I have decided is wintry and yummy, apple and cheddar cheese soup and a chocolaty treat for dessert.  The felt we create are  some sort of flower, some years I do dimensional flowers like pins and such. This year we will do the "Paint a Flower", which is great for felters with a bit of experience, because we play with such interesting techniques, building upon the way we put down fiber.   Think watercolor looks, tight detail, and even some dimensional do-dads.  Here are some of my flower pieces from the past...I'll have to add a new one here after the class!



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