Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Custom Pillows For Via Design

Here's a custom fabric work for a big pillow on each sofa in a very cool colorful space designed By Lee Perault of Via Designs.  Color and the wall, color of the sofa and pop colors in the new rug and the new patterned upholstery tells me where my clients are heading for a look.  They selected a design from my portfolio, (draped on the back of the new sofa) and (at the bottom) now I sketch my design to scale.  The sketchbook page, shows the 24" pillow to scale, and with a couple of fabric back options below.  I will rework the back pattern to make a little more simple dynamic interest.  We have decided to go with the green patterned fronts and the olives with the dashed intersecting or striping line for the backs.  
More to follow!!!

 Well, today is April 1st and no fooling, I am finally getting Lee's beautiful pillows finished.  I have 5 pieces of felt fabric, two for the fronts and two for the backs and one for the cording.  The above photo shows all stages side by side.  Hopefully the next photo will be of the beautiful pillows on her customers sofa!

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