Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Freya's Storage Box Next Installment

Freya and I have been working at getting the design just right, and now the last bit is to confirm the size of her storage box, below shows the progression of the sketching process.  We reviewed many of my works and we also discussed Kandinsky, so I had a focus to work towards.  The sketch below is the first and from here we discussed likes dislikes color changes and more pattern.
I resubmitted the sketch and Freya and I are VERY happy with the new look, more clear color more pattern ...what do you think?
You might be able to recognize some of my patterns, Dots and Ohs and Leaves are the key players, I play with the B&W check and like the "ladder" motif, it has good action movement and leads you up!  This piece is going to be so cool!

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