Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Time at Norwalk Furniture

Well, I can't believe it was two weeks ago exactly I was touring the Norwalk Furniture factory.  We were five finalists and their guests, I brought Tom, Alex brought his mom and the other three, Laura, Troy and Kate came solo.  After a lovely (and long) day, (of anticipating) Candice Olson announced the winner, Kate Keough of Burlington Vermont.  We other four are runners up.  WHAT A GREAT ADVENTURE!  Each of our sofa design entries were on display for all to see at the Norwalk Pre-Market.  Their Pre-market is when they invite all their dealers to come to the factory to see the line before the High Point Markets, They also present a trend forecast which explains the whys and method of selection dozens of new fabrics each season.  The fabulous marketing and merchandising team of HB2 made a presentation of the likes I did when I was in textiles in NYC.  It was like a peek at my past (except they went to many more countries than ever I had!)
We arrived at Norwalk on Wed, late afternoon, in time for a dinner buffet and the opportunity to meet the great folks there, our competitors, see all the entries and also peruse the open floor of this season's newest furniture styles and fabrics and colors. 
Runner up Alex (rt) with his mom, enjoying the day's events
Thursday AM began at 9:00 we were promptly ushered to a full factory tour, and I stepped away with even more happy feelings of a company I really admire.  Lunch, and then a trend presentation by HB2, followed by a great presentation by Candice Olson on how she works with clients and an hour and half of seeing so many of her before and after projects.  I would love for Candice to do my bedroom! (OK Living room, kitchen and bathrooms!  I wonder what she can do in an 1830 cape?)

The announcement was made after all five of us were introduced and while I was not the winner I was so glad to be part of the whole experience.  I wonder what will come of my design anyway?

my badge

sitting in the circle of leather chairs so my colors!

all five of us await the WORD! (Kate at the far right is the winner)

awaiting the announcement, Alex, another runner up, is to my left

l-r me, Candice Olson and Tom

me and my board

one of the new Norwalk design for October Market - wow!

Troy - one of the runners up, like Candice too!

Candice Olson gave a lush presentation - we were right there!

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