Monday, January 31, 2011

Paul Signac

Each touch, taken pure from the palette, remains pure upon the canvas - Paul Signac

The Papal Palace, Avignon
Women at the Well
 In the winter world of New Hampshire, now covered in a couple feet of snow, skies so clear blue ground so bright white, I find this absence of color opens the door for inspiration and creativity.  Less is the distraction from my gardens, (though I plan on going out back and inspecting some animal tracks later) and more is the sparkle of a dream, of color.  Today's artist's quote from my Year in Art: a masterpiece a day calendar displays Paul Signac on my desk, compels me to remind myself what his style was, and dredge from my memory of art classes with the help of the internet how colorful his world was.

Paul Signac 1863-1935, painted in the Post-Impressionist style.

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