Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vancouver is a very COOL City

While we stayed in Vancouver, our first two days were in a hotel in downtown, where we of course walked around, went to Granville Island and ate at fun restaurants.  Check out what I spied in downtown and at farmers markets!

 These little ferries take you over to Granville Island, where we checked out both Locations shops of Maiwa Handprints, the shop and the dyeshop, and of course the huge farmers market.


  Some store fronts and yummy treats,  I spent a lot of colorful time in the Marimekko shop,

I had to include these lovely waffles, they were the dessert of our brunch on Sunday.  They were a bit different than the waffles I have had, they taste almost like they have a yeast base to them, so they and a bit on the savory side, and quite delicious.  our main dish was simplicity in an iron pan, a braised beef stew, with roasted potatoes, chuncks of cheese, with baby arugula greens all the lovely base for a pair of perfect eggs, and a Belgian Beer on the side.
We left full and happy, off to find the Dr Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens, which I will have a a seperate post as they were so removed from the city life and so beautiful.

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