Monday, November 16, 2009

Felting Tools (Or - how to be a teacher's pet)

As I think about my workshops this year, some reoccurring themes float to mind.  And even though I give handouts, I always get calls and e-mails looking for some specific things.  Fiber Supplies, The Fabulous Felt-O-Matic and other needle tools, so this post is for your quick reference.

I have New England Felting Supply listed as a link to the right of the blog here.  I have been getting much of my fiber this past year from Chris White for teaching. 

The Fabulous-Felt-O-Matic, which I try to show in classes, because well, heck, it is great!  Small enough for the hobby felter and not a huge chunk of money for this cool tool.  Diane Stott is great for bringing it to us!  And here is a video of it's spectacularness.

Felting Needles, either New England or Sharon Costello of Black Sheep Designs

And lastly I have a small multi-needler which I brought with me to Vancouver,(Can't remember where I bought it) pulled it out of my box to show and let people was a sad 6 needle hand-held needler, which used to have a top that screwed into it to keep the needles in place, and at that moment just red duct tape!  One of my students Ty Schultz, who apparently is a master of molding (moulding?), he and his wife Marcia do these very cool cast mold journal covers (It's a workshop!), and whom I think never sleeps, but sits in his casting studio all night trying to figure out how things work, and then makes them!  He very gently asked if I mended if he took it home over night to fix it for me.  Embarrased, I agreed.  He brought it in the next morning with a new fastener atop and in a traveling case!  (Pill bottle with foam inside for it to sit nicely snug into) He then made a mold of it and will be selling them!!!  You go Ty!!!

So as a souviner of my time in Canada he added a couple of coins to hold the wing nut into place...So Cool...

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