Tuesday, October 20, 2009

C2Paint and Lee Perault of Via-Design


I have been chatting with a very talented colorist interior designer in recent months, and like all colorists we talk about our color references.  I have always loved my Benjamin Moore, but Lee Perault turned me on to a new resource.  I haven't gotten 
myself a paint deck yet for the studio, but just looking at the web site for C2Paint one is immediately inspired.  They have a Look Book that is fun to boot!    Lee does business in Rye, NH and her business Via-Design is colorfully exciting.   These room shots are her designs from her web site, thank you Lee for sharing.

We are presently working together on a pair of art pillows for her client, in a space she designed for them with chocolate brown and lavenders, the wall opposite this seating area is the most incredible chocolate color.  My pillows will be on each of the sofas.  I am looking forward to this project and wondering what I will be designing?   hmmm

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