Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What do you do on Tuesday Evenings?

I mentioned in previous posts that I have been going to an open studio set up for life drawing on Tuesday evenings. I am really loving the way my mind thinks when I am staring at naked people...hmmm what kind of clothes can they be wearing? How can I get pattern and color into an image that basically is just the human form against a white wall?  I am experimenting with patterning the shadows - love that! and this past Tuesday well, heck I just put pattern all around and on the model.  I was thinking Gondolier but I think he turned out a bit more Polynesian.

This last pose intrigued me, this fella was very bleached blond and a bit tanned into burned in his face and upper torso, but as he laid there the color just blended down to almost white where the sun don't shine!

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