Thursday, April 14, 2011

Playing in Fine Art Studies

each sketch above is 5 minutes 
When I was in high school, I attended the Arts Students League in New York City for 3 years every Saturday during the school year.  I took Life Study and Water Color taught by amazing artists.  I took Life Study again in college as part of my BFA curriculum, and I have to say this is an interesting type of study for any artist.  Two weeks ago a girlfriend and I went to Bellows Falls to join a group of artists who get together each week and sketch draw and paint.  The gal who organizes it is brilliant, she does a great job getting models and timing and moderating the session.  (there is no instruction or critiques, just neighborly support) The first session I attended, I was pretty excited that my sketches turned out OK (except for hands and feet!)  I was inspired further when I saw a fellow sketcher who was painting his sketches in acryllics.  oooh, color!  Carole Anne (my gf) knows that one of my favorite mediums is water colors and she made an offer to try a pigment I had never used before.  "Come up to my studio, fill your palette and try it!"  Very generous, so I took my new palette of watercolors with me to sketch with and paint Tuesday night.  First let me say these paints are beautiful to paint with.  I have always been a Windsor and Newton and a Derwent watercolor pencil girl, but boy Daniel Smith paints are great!  The colors blend beautifully and are so full of pigments, it is a joy for a COLOR HOUND such as myself to play with.
15 minute sketch, charcoal graphite and water color
30 minute sketch, charcoal, graphite and watercolor


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