Friday, February 11, 2011

Virtual Classes Now Available

I have just completed a 4 session course for upholstery weight felt.  The student was from New Brunswick Canada, and we felted and taught/learned on line - virtually!  I used a program called ooVoo (I didn't try Skype but probably can)   We were both pretty pleased with how the process went.  Trish was an experienced felter, mostly nuno and hats, so working with a felter who understands how to check their fiber layer thicknesses, who knows a bit of handling batts and peeling them apart, certainly is better for this type of learning application than someone who has never felted and handled fiber (I think!).  We touched on pattern talked a bit about color, I gave a whole wet felt process demo, how to create motifs with nice sharp edges, and then coached her through the beginning 2 hours of her wet felting/rolling.  Trish is you read this please feel free to add your comments below.  And thank you - thank you, it was great felting with you!


  1. So how does one see the virtual workshop?


  2. Where can we view the virtual classes?


  3. Very interesting. I haven't used batts as a piece. I usually use roving so always tear batts into strips and go form there. I am interested in making motifs with nice sharp edges. Is there a class description somewhere and what are you charging?

  4. I haven't really used batts before and I am interested in crisp designs so where do I look for descriptions and pricing?

  5. Sorry it has taken me a bit to get back on line and see your comments...

    Hi Becky and Vicky, The classes are not viewable, I am teaching using virtual/real-time video conferencing technology (ooVoo is what I use, but probably could do Skype.)

    Shepherdess, are we already speaking via e-mail? If not e-mail me directly at

    At the moment I am structuring the private lessons to whomever is interested in whatever project or type of felt work they are interested in! I am basing it on an expected duration and level of information/education level in the class as well as accessibility to me (on line time and for the class and one on one time in between the sessions.) So far, I am working out an hourly rate, The class mentioned above was charged out at 4 hours, and our on-line time was any where from 1/2 hour to 2 hours over 4 sessions. Ultimately as I work out the technical bugs I hope to go up to 2-5 students on line at the same time, as well as present a specific structure for general classes.