Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Intern's project continues...

As young Miss Chloe Walier finishes her internship for HS credit, her final project is about a day away from completion.  Her next step once the design, which is a cape, is dry will be a photo shoot, which she will up-load onto Facebook.  This whole project was initially for Chloe to learn how to make felt, but as the days grew, we adapted an approved course for her to get a Tech credit for HS.  The Tech part is documenting the journey, and communicating it through on-line, multi media.  I have been posting photos on my Festive Fibers page on Facebook, and a few here, but if you are able to, her on-line Final Review is Jan. 2, all day on her personal page, the invite is this link

I have been privileged to mentor her though this part of her journey, and am impressed with our regional HS that creates such opportunities for alternative learning.  Here Here Fall Mountain Regional HS!

If you are not on my Festive Fibers page on Facebook yet, check it out.

This last photo is showing us removing the resist inside the cape, we left the hood resist is a bit longer....more pictures to come!

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