Sunday, April 18, 2010

Felted Frog Workshop was hopping FUN!

Here are some photos of the fun little mini class I taught yesterday at the Nature Museum in Grafton, VT.  Three hours and everyone went away with very cute funny froggies!!  Why frogs you may ask?  well, frogs are the museum's mascot and for felting, it is a small colorful project.  They are a combination of wet felting and needle felting, the legs are scraps of Festive Fibers felt with little toes needled on!!  Too Much Fun!  While we were busy trying not to poke our fingers with the felting needles, a photographer came to the event from the Brattleboro Reformer a newspaper in Vermont.  He was so excited and insisted his of our even deserved to be in color some where in the paper!  Everyone was so excited there was press around, especially Betsy (long hair on the left with a purple shirt) who is the educational programs director at the museum.  We all wholeheartedly agreed, now we wait to see if they make it in and if our names were all spelled correctly! (I'll let you all know)

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  1. Betsy make a great blue frog, that I still need a close up photo of!