Thursday, December 17, 2009

Playing with Frogs

My neighbor, Betsy Bennett Stacey works for The Nature Museum at Grafton in Vermont as the Director Education, a sweet little museum, very active in the community, lots of school kids go there and do all sort of fun interactive events.  Betsy has been trying to "get me" to the museum to teach, and we have finally figured out what I will do as a small class, "Felted Frogs"!  It is serendipitous too, as their logo is a cute little frog and apparently they are launching an even newer froggie mascot.  So, I thought this would be fun and easy for youngsters and can be done in a 4 hour mini class.  The class will take place April 17th.  Look for it when my workshop page is launched later this week or weekend.

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